Hawaiian Host Group - Shopify & Microsoft GP Integration Success Story

We sit down (virtually) with Leroy Kane, Director of Technology at Hawaiian Host Group. We discuss how eBridge was able to integrate their 2 eCommerce stores hosted on Shopify with their Microsoft Dynamics ERP. 

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A ShipStation to Amazon EDI integration for We Sell Mats

eBridge is so jazzed that we were able to help We Sell Mats streamline their order processing through an Amazon EDI to ShipStation integration. Workflows automated include; orders, inventory, invoice, invoice released, shipment and shipping request. Brand new story out now.

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CommerceHub Costco EDI to Quickbooks Integration for Piccola Cucina

Piccola Cucina is the premier manufacturer of gourmet and handcrafted almond-based creations influenced by and made with traditional Italian recipes by a dynamic mother and daughter duo. It sounds magically delicious, doesn’t it?

The company was growing and expanding. Where there was opportunity, the Piccola Cucina team knew there would also be challenges. Piccola Cucina faced many logistical challenges including supply and demand and the ability to add new channels, like Costco. Supplying to Costco was exciting but the team needed a way to integrate EDI documents directly with the retailer. While they weren’t familiar with EDI, they knew they needed to do it. Piccola Cucina found out that Costco works with CommerceHub as their EDI hub for drop shipping.

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COVA POS to Quickbooks Integration Streamlines Manual Work For Tokyo Smoke Oshawa

eBridge Connections Integrates QuickBooks Online with COVA POS to Save Time, and Add Accuracy and Efficiency for Tokyo Smoke Oshawa

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eBridge Connections secured a seamless migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2 for long standing customer Everlast

Everlast has been a valued customer of eBridge Connections for many years now. The original project we completed together was a seamless sales order data integration between Everlast’s ERP which is Microsoft Dynamics AX, to their eCommerce store, which was Magento 1 at the time. Since then, we’ve been moving orders back and forth from their ERP to their eCommerce site, to save them more time daily.

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eBridge empowers Char-Griller to seamlessly flow orders, shipping, inventory and pricing information between Shopify and Microsoft Dynamics GP

Convincing their customers that they could find the right grill with Char-Griller was the easy part. Managing all the information and data that comes along with an online order was the hard part.  

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eBridge Integrates WooCommerce and Sage 300 for Fresh Hemp Foods

Fresh Hemp Foods knew customer orders from their online WooCommerce store were going to be a pain to get into their Sage 300 ERP. They could automate with integration from eBridge Connections. Hear the full story now.

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Integrating Amazon, eComDash and Microsoft Dynamics AX for Sport Dimension

Amazon’s Vendor Central can sometimes present a challenge when it comes to setting up EDI document flow directly to an ERP system due to their API. However, this was not a challenge for the eBridge implementation team. With a little research and some testing, they were able to deliver. Before launch, eBridge tested each connection to ensure that data was flowing bi-directionally without any errors. In addition, they did not leave Eric, Dennis, and the team at Sports Dimension high and dry. eBridge provided training. This enabled Sports Dimension to troubleshoot any errors they could potentially encounter by themselves.  Great project. Great company. Great team! 

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Andrew Peller - Microsoft Dynamics NAV With Amazon Integration Success Story

After searching for a middle ware or interface to pass data back and forth, they came across eBridge Connections. Several Andrew Peller Limited contacts held a scoping call with their technology partner and eBridge team members. Together, the teams walked through possible work flows that would automate manual sales order data entry. The project plan took shape and the efforts began.

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Magento to Sage 50 Sales Order Integration for Arcadian

Typing Sales Orders From Magento Into Sage 50 Was A Pain

Arcadian has been a client of eBridge Connections for several years. They phoned into eBridge headquarters in June 2017 and explained the pain they experience getting their online sales orders from their Magento store into their back-office ERP Sage 50 US. Our expert walked through their options and gave them pricing to cover the set-up of this work flow, and their recurring licensing fee.
The fact that eBridge Connections has been integrating disparate systems from suppliers for over 20 was a key benefit.

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Marvy Uchida - Shopify & Microsoft Dynamics GP Integration Success Story

We sit down (virtually) with Julie Adachi from Marvy Uchida. We discuss how eBridge was able to integrate Shopify with Microsoft Dynamics GP. Discover how with the eBridge iPaaS (integration Platform as as Service), Marvy Uchida can have automatic bi-directional data flow between Shopify and Microsoft Dynamics GP. 

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Sage 100 to Magento and Salon Interactive Integration for Intelligent Nutrients

Intelligent Nutrients has been a customer of eBridge Connections since 2012. Back then, a Sage value-added reseller (VAR) was working with their team to set up Sage 100. Intelligent Nutrients knew that manual inputting of orders from their online Magento store was going to be impossible given their forecast on order volumes. They asked for a recommendation for eCommerce to ERP integration. The VAR introduced them to eBridge Connections.

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Sun Bum Integrates Shopify and Microsoft Dynamics GP with eBridge

Integrating Shopify and Dynamics GP equals time savings for Sun Sum. For example, when an order is placed by a customer, order data such as the SKU, price, customer name, address, and quantity find their way automatically into GP. Read the full integration story... and hear about their bananas!

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Sunfresh Farms Leverages Certified Sage 300 Integration to Automate EDI with SPS Commerce

Spending large amounts of time on manually entering orders, Sunfresh Farms reached out to their EDI provider SPS Commerce to inquire about Sage 300 integration. A certified, turnkey integration solution from eBridge Connections was the answer.

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One of our happy customers is a top Tax Service Company. We helped them connect their MS Dynamics GP ERP to several EDI trading partners.

Tax Service Companies are best known for their bricks and mortar offices.  Folks walk in with a drawer of receipts and walk out with a wad of cash (they hope).  In addition to having friendly face-to-face offices, our customer also sells self-service tax software for the do-it-yourself’ers.

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Nalpak Inc. integrates their Sage 100 ERP and BigCommerce store to automate data using eBridge Connections as their integration vendor.

Nalpak Inc. had their early roots in creating custom reusable packaging. Today, they have been making Tuffpak hard-sided cases for over 30 years, and also offer flashlights, multi-tools, knives, and a full-line uniform shop, servicing police departments throughout San Diego County. Their success comes from offering the very best products backed by the very best customer service. But with great success has come data entry hardships for the employees at Nalpak Inc.

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Trophy Skin - CommerceHub & ShipStation Integration Success Story

We sit down (virtually) with Rachel Harris from Trophy Skin. We discuss how eBridge was able to integrate CommerceHub with ShipStation. Discover how with the eBridge iPaaS (integration Platform as as Service), Trophy Skin can have automatic bi-directional data flow between CommerceHub and ShipStation. 

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We polished up Boston Bay Diamonds' EDI trading process with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and CommerceHub so they could continue supplying to Kohl's department store.

Boston Bay Diamonds is a fine jewelry manufacturer selling to .com retailers across the US and Canada. In order to help Boston Bay Diamonds do business with, eBridge Connections set up an EDI integration solution that would connect Boston Bay Diamonds' MS Dynamics NAV accounting package with CommerceHub (Kohl’s gateway). 

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eBridge connected Image Supply's Sage BusinessWorks accounting package with their eBay and Shopify stores to save them valuable time and money.

Image Supply has been selling label maker products and label printer supplies since 1991. Selling on both eBay’s marketplace as well as their own personal Shopify store has helped Image Supply grow and succeed. But, when manually entering orders into their Sage BusinessWorks accounting package became too huge of a task, Image Supply came knocking on eBridge Connections door for an integration solution that would help them save valuable time and money.

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Everlast - Microsoft Dynamics AX and Magento Integration Success Story

We are proud to have Everlast as a customer.  Best known for their bond with boxing, today the company sells its quality gear in-store and online in over 101 countries.  They are a staple in boxing.  115 years since the company started, they continue to make strides in research and development to provide quality products to their devoted fans.

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Shopify - Apprise ERP integration for Ricardo Beverly Hills

Ricardo Beverly Hills is a world-class leader specializing in the design, innovation, and marketing of luggage and travel accessories. Their products are available online and at select department stores, specialty stores, and more, in the U.S. and internationally. Brilliant team work and the eBridge integration platform drove a successful Shopify to Apprise ERP integration project creating automated fulfillment and data flow for orders, shipments and inventory. 

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Idea Village connects MS Dynamics GP with an eBridge Connections Integrated EDI Solution and improves business efficiency

With thousands of orders a week and a large list of trading partners, Idea Village needed a robust EDI solution that would connect with Microsoft Dynamics GP and wipe out their need for manual data entry. eBridge Connections was able to offer them exactly what they were looking for!

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Green Mountain Rifle Barrel Co. Inc. enlisted the help of eBridge Connections to automate data between Exact Macola and BigCommerce

In 1976 Branch Meanley founded Green Mountain Rifle Barrels with machinery he custom made or modified to turn his vision of the perfect barrel into reality. Since then, business has been great and Green Mountain has been proudly providing competitive shooters and hunters with products that perform to their highest expectations for decades.

With such success, however, has come data entry challenges that meant Green Mountain Rifle Barrel Co. Inc. needed a vendor that specialized in ERP integration and could connect their Exact Macola ERP with their BigCommerce online store to automate the exchange of data across systems.

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DVD distribution company uses Integrated EDI Solution from eBridge Connections to improve data exchange

A DVD distribution company with headquarters in Toronto and Los Angeles, needed a robust EDI solution that would connect with Sage Business Vision and streamline business transactions with a number of different trading partners.

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Jordan Outdoor Enterprises integrates their BigCommerce store with Microsoft Dynamics GP using eBridge Connections as their iPaaS.

In order to improve efficiency for their very successful BigCommerce store that sells hunting and fishing gear, the folks at Jordan Outdoor Enterprises were eager to find a way to flow sales orders, inventory, and shipping updates to and from their Realtree online store and their back-office MS Dynamics GP ERP system.

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Famous Products has been using eBridge as their EDI integration vendor for years, and are now upgrading their solution to the latest generation of eBridge's platform: eiCloud

For many years, eBridge Connections has been helping the fine folks at Famous Products with EDI integration between their Intuit QuickBooks accounting package and over 40 trading partners whom they do business with. This integration allows them to sell their famous barbeque sauces, seasonings, marinades, and more, on the shelves of big-box retailers across North America.

Up next for eBridge and Famous Products partnership, is a migration to eBridge’s latest platform generation: eiCloud. With this move, the employees at Famous Products will enjoy an integration solution that is hosted on Microsoft’s world-class Azure cloud, a brand-new user interface that is simple to navigate, and a more robust and reliable solution with shorter maintenance windows and 99.9% uptime.

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A Salesforce and Sage 100 ERP integration by eBridge Connections helped Abrams Learning Trends streamline their business processes

Founded in 2008 and based in Austin, Texas, Abrams Learning Trends is dedicated to supporting educators with innovative Pre-K through Grade 5 supplemental educational materials that provide targeted solutions for literacy, phonics, math, science, health and safety, and more.

The Situation: Salesforce and Sage 100 ERP don’t communicate with each other out of the box which created a manual data entry problem for Abrams Learning Trends

Abrams Learning Trends uses Salesforce to keep track of orders, invoices, and shipments for all of their customers. They also use Sage 100 ERP for their back-office financials. While both of these systems are great tools on their own, they don’t easily allow for exchanging data back and forth between the two.

This meant lots of bi-directional manual data entry between Salesforce and Sage 100 ERP for the employees at Abrams Learning Trends. They quickly discovered that this was a time-consuming, and difficult process for which they needed to find a better solution.

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Diebold Electronic Security Division Finds a Stable EDI Solution to Streamline Business Processes

When Diebold’s Electronic Security (ES) division selected ADI as their main supplier of equipment they needed a reliable and efficient EDI solution that would exchange key documents with their existing Microsoft Dynamics SL ERP system.

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Group One Northwest Launches Volusion eCommerce Store with Integrated ERP

A manual data exchange process between Traverse from Open Systems and Volusion was out of the question for Group One Northwest. They needed an automated integration solution that would connect the two systems and deliver up-to-date inventory and pricing data to their storefront. They called eBridge Connections!

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Hitfar Eliminates Manual Transaction Processing with Integrated EDI Solution

Selling products across many channels, mobile accessories distributor Hitfar needed a robust EDI solution that would connect with SAP Business One and streamline business transactions with a number of different trading partners.

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TeleDynamics speaks about the unsung heroes involved in their EDI to Sage 500 eBridge integration

“Speaking of tenure and tons of mapping experience… eBridge’s knowledge and professionalism is unsurpassed in the coding realm… Again, thank you guys very much for what you do every day and I could probably go on and on…”  

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Need to connect your orders into Epicor ERP? This customer bridged the gap between Epicor and 70+ trading partners with a little help from eBridge Connections

For over 30 years, our client has been one of the biggest manufacturers and trendsetters of the new-millennium vinyl resurgence, bringing stylish music to the people. But keeping up with 70+ trading partners would’ve had this company’s head spinning faster than the turntables they sell if it weren’t for their easy-to-use eBridge EDI integration.

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A NetSuite and Shopify integration helps Back To The Roots transfer thousands of documents without manual entry

With their integration solution implemented, Back To The Roots has now transferred thousands of documents electronically to and from their Shopify and NetSuite applications with no need for manual data entry between the two. This means they’re processing orders for their customers accurately and more importantly, quickly, every single time. 

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Gourmet Settings has trusted eBridge's SAP Business One and EDI connector for over 12 years now and has easily transferred thousands of documents as a result

If you’re in need of quality flatware, Gourmet Settings has had you covered since 1994.  With knives, forks and spoons that are beautiful, practical, and well-priced, Gourmet Settings has won accolades, attention, and a whole lot of happy customers.

So many happy customers, in fact, that after just a few years in business, Gourmet Settings knew they needed to integrate their business systems if they wanted to keep up with high order volumes on their webstore and sell in more retail stores across the country (with strict requirements for EDI).

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ShipStation integration for DroneNerds

The sky’s the limit for Drone Nerds now that they have ShipStation + SPS Commerce integration.  eBridge has been proudly working alongside DroneNerds to take their ShipStation shipment automation to the next level.

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Rad Power Bikes shifted gears and eliminated manual data entry between their Shopify Plus and Microsoft Dynamics GP System

To continue selling electric bikes online using their Shopify Plus powered store, Rad Power Bikes knew they needed to enable an automated sales ordering process that would increase their eCommerce efficiency and allow their business to grow. The last thing they wanted was to set their eCommerce customers up for a bumpy ride by manually processing orders and rekeying data by hand between their online store and their Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains ERP system. They knew this could result in errors that would be costly for their business and frustrating for their customers.

Mike Radenbaugh, President of Rad Power Bikes, reached out to eBridge Connections in search of an integration solution that would turn their current process into a much smoother operation.

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It didn't take long for eBridge to arm ASP with a Shopify to Sage 100 ERP integration

A quick onboarding process enabled ASP to be live on eBridge’s integration platform in less than 3 weeks.

For more than 40 years, ASP has had a single-minded focus on providing law enforcement officers with the finest tools for the safe performance of their duties, and industry-leading training in the use of those tools.

With law enforcement professionals in over 100 countries trusting this brand, it’s no wonder their online Shopify store is seeing countless orders flow through each and every day.

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eBridge Connections increases efficiency for a Shopify merchant who sells a rising hair growth system

To keep up with the high number of orders they are receiving from people eager to try out their system, one of our Shopify merchant customers signed up for eBridge Connections’ $99/month Sage 50 to Shopify connector on the Shopify App Store in order to automate their data entry. The result has been faster order processing that is empowering them to sell more product and do so efficiently.

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Employees at Blello Mattress are sleeping soundly after automating their WooCommerce order information and EDI data with their SAP Business One ERP using eBridge Connections

Blello Mattress is so certain that their mattresses will bring their customers sweet dreams that they even offer a 100-night free trial for folks that want to experience the comfort themselves risk-free. This unique company is hyper-focused on ensuring that their customers sleep easy, which is why they ship for free and right to the door in a compact box.

But, in order to make sure that their employees sleep easy as well, Girish Nebhwani, Co-Founder of Blello Mattress, knew it was time to automate their business process and eliminate manual data entry between SAP Business One and WooCommerce, as well as set up EDI with their mattress manufacturer.

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eBridge automates data flow between Shopify Plus and Microsoft Dynamics ERP so Timbuk2 can focus on making your perfect custom bag

Looking for a bag that is custom made for you? Or, wishing you had bag features that just make urban life easier? Look no further than Timbuk2, the San Francisco-based pioneer of customization and manufacturer of intuitive, stylish and personalized bags to outsmart the city. They are rich with history in the world of cycling and focused on making a bag for YOU and YOUR life – just the way you want it!

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CB Distributors Inc. trusted eBridge Connections with integrating their MS Dynamics GP ERP and their two WooCommerce webstores

In order to improve operational efficiency, Terry Miller of CB Distributors, Inc. reached out to eBridge Connections to get help flowing order and shipment data between their Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP, and two of their WooCommerce stores.

High order volumes on two of CB Distributors, Inc. sales channels (Vapin Plus and 21st Century Smoke) meant that manual data entry across disparate business systems was becoming too time consuming and costly for Terry and his team. He decided to entrust eBridge Connections’ universal integration platform to automate their processes and smooth out their operational efficiencies.

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Long-time eBridge customer, LifeCORE Fitness, adds Shopify to their eCommerce efforts, while continuing to use eBridge Connections’ integration platform to automate data to and from their NetSuite ERP

Years ago, when LifeCORE Fitness selected BigCommerce as their eCommerce platform, they were looking to streamline processes, maintain low overhead costs and maximize profits, and found eBridge Connections could deliver an automated integration solution that would eliminate their manual data entry challenges. Now, they’ve added a Shopify store to their eCommerce efforts and are excited to see their eBridge integration solution has easily adjusted along with their business.

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eBridge Connections helped VFO Group connect their Optelec brand's Shopify store with Microsoft Dynamics GP to increase efficiency

After launching a new Shopify store for their Optelec brand, VFO Group was on the hunt for an automated process that would sync their sales order, inventory, and shipment data with Microsoft Dynamics GP.

In order to continue offering comprehensive products, tools, and aids through their website, VFO Group knew it was important to automate data flow from their website to their back-office Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP to create efficiency and maximize profits.

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eBridge Connections helped Kiosk’s client, Nutiva, with an automated integration solution between Microsoft Dynamics GP and Shopify

Nutiva is committed to revolutionizing the way the world eats. According to their website, “in a world where the industrialized food system has led us down a tangled path, where food choices have been reduced to the lesser-of-evils, and where distrust reigns, Nutiva is the champion of the greater good.” eBridge Connections is proud to support Nutiva on their mission to provide super people with superfoods, by automating their data flow between Microsoft Dynamics GP and Shopify in order to improve their business’s efficiency.

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Safari Ltd uses eBridge to integrate SAP Business One with their ChannelAdvisor and Shopify Plus data, so they can focus on selling toys for children around the world

Safari Ltd allows kids to enjoy all the beauty of the animal world, while learning a little something too, with their toys that teach. All of the toys at Safari Ltd are great tools for developing minds, and encouraging children to learn and play creatively together.

For more than 35 years this company has been selling toys and inspiring kids across the globe to love and learn about nature and wildlife. They even have a “Spokesgator Extraordinaire” who is the face and spirit of Safari Ltd, named Bernie. 

With all of Safari Ltd’s success, it’s no wonder they needed eBridge’s help with automating their massive amounts of order, inventory, product, and shipment data.

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OSG USA, Inc. Saved Thousands Of Dollars a Year On Their EDI By Switching To eBridge Connections For Integration Between Microsoft Dynamics AX And Their Retail Trading Partners

When eBridge Connections first encountered OSG USA, Inc., they learned they were paying top dollar to transact EDI business documents with all their 20+ trading partners. 

Because of eBridge Connections’ universal integration platform and thousands of pre-built EDI connectors, eBridge maintains a low total cost of ownership and was therefore able to offer OSG an integration solution between their trading partners and their Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP at 50% of the cost they were incurring through their current VAN. 


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eBridge helped Hensley/Elam's client, United States Dressage Federation (USDF) with a Sage 100 and Shopify integration

Automating order data from Shopify to Sage 100 was a must-have for USDF to keep business running efficiently.

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eBridge Connections helps Barulu, located in sunny Costa Rica, with integration between Shopify and SAP Business One

Barulu is the online shop of choice for more than 20,000 customers in Costa Rica looking for fast delivery of electronics and other items for their home. 

As online orders increased, Barulu’s CEO, Roberto Jimenez, reached out to eBridge Connections in search of a way to connect data between their Shopify store and SAP Business One ERP in near-real time.

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United Legwear & Apparel Co. use eBridge Connections' Universal Integration Platform to Automate Data Between Their Fun Socks Shopify Store and Their ERP

Founded in 2017 by Isaac E. Ash, Fun Socks is part of a lifestyle brand that encourages people to have real fun with self-expression. According to their website, Fun Socks reflects the attitude and vibe of New York: Fashion-forward yet classic, edgy, outspoken and most of all, FUN.

But as Fun Socks became popular and their online Shopify business took off, the fine folks at Fun Socks and United Legwear & Apparel Co., quickly realized that there was nothing “fun” about manual data entry between their online shop and back-office ERP.

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For years Comfort Research has trusted eBridge Connections with data integration for their high-volume, multi-channel, and global furniture and beanbag business


Co-founders Matt Jung and Chip George were students at Hope College in Holland, Michigan, when the idea for Comfort Research was born. An old, uncomfortable beanbag chair sparked their imaginations. How could they make it better? They shredded a heap of foam mattress pads, stuffed them into the old beanbag chair, and ultimately created a new product which they called: The Fuf.

Fast forward to today. Comfort Research with its innovative chairs have sold millions of units of their creation and have found the “recipe for success” to growing their business. Their promise? To always be FAT – FUNctional, Affordable, and Trendy.

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American Leather Direct improves order processing by automating data between their Shopify store and Sage 100 ERP using eBridge Connections Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)

​A quick look at American Leather Direct’s website, and their mission statement is loud and clear: “…To provide quality leather while giving each customer exceptional service. We want your experience in purchasing leather to be easy and stress free.” 

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A reliable integration in under a month | Connecting Sage 100 with Magento 2 and Amazon using eBridge Connections’ integration platform

When SCB International approached eBridge to tackle the project, they were keen to get started and finished as soon as possible. Their current integration from Magento 1 to Sage 100 was working. However, their provider was unable to integrate Sage to Magento’s 2 platform.

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Wilson Electronics improves your mobile device connectivity, while a Sage 100 ERP and Shopify Plus connection by eBridge runs in the background to keep their business operating smoothly.

We live in an integrated world where both people and businesses are more connected than ever before. Wilson Electronics, Inc. understands how important it is to consumers, today, to have near-perfect cell phone service at all times. That’s why they’ve created cell phone signal boosters that improve call quality and reduce dropped calls with cellular and data signals up to 32x stronger. These folks are working hard each and every day to keep all of us better connected.

But, in order to keep their business running smoothly and efficiently, they needed some connectivity help of their own. That’s why Wilson Electronics decided to reach out to eBridge Connections and request a reliable integration between their back-office Sage 100 ERP and the Shopify Plus store they use to sell their products online to customers worldwide.

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Shopify to CommerceHub QVC: Integrating EDI for an On-Air TV Spot For Splash Wines

Splash is a family in both a feeling and a literal way. Splash was founded through generations of families making great wines. Their connection with winemakers results in top quality and broad selection. From typical to obscure, they promise one thing: the wine will rock. Price is a big factor that they explore too. Getting the price down (they only charge 15% above their retails). They bring the world of wines to you. It’s a beautiful story.

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Shopify to Epicor on the Cloud integration for Cookshack

Stuart and team began searching for a solution. They needed to connect their back-office accounting system with their online webstore. Without this automation, every order, shipment, inventory adjustment and so on would have to be entered manually by one of their full time staff. Cookshack knew that being stuck doing manual work would tie their hands with regards to growth and customer satisfaction. The team at eBridge worked closely with the team at Cookshack to score the integration requirements. This was a vital. While eBridge has pre-built connectors for Shopify and Epcior, every business organizes itself in slightly different ways. It is important to form a honest and open partnership between the two businesses.

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