A reliable integration in under a month | Connecting Sage 100 with Magento 2 and Amazon using eBridge Connections’ integration platform

A reliable integration in under a month | Connecting Sage 100 with Magento 2 and Amazon using eBridge Connections’ integration platform
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A reliable integration in under a month
Connecting Sage 100 with Magento 2 and Amazon using eBridgeConnections’ integration platform

SCB International, owners of www.liverdoctor.com, had a Magento 1 webstore that was being used by their team to grow online sales. When Magento announced that merchants needed to move from their Magento 1 platform to Magento 2 by 2020, SCB knew they needed to work with an integrator that was both certified in Sage and a Magento 2 certified partner. Plus, SCB International’s Amazon store was growing, and needed to be connected to Sage as well to eliminate manual data entry work and reduce errors in orders.

When SCB International approached eBridge to tackle the project, they were keen to get started and finished as soon as possible. Their current integration from Magento 1 to Sage 100 was working. However, their provider was unable to integrate Sage to Magento’s 2 platform.

They chose eBridge because of their reputation in the industry. The integration project kicked off on February 8th between Richard Newton, SCB’s Controller, and the eBridge Project Manager. They exchanged vital information to set up connections and addressed the required data flows for integration. 
The Project Began With A Kickoff Call Between eBridge and SCB To:
  • ID systems and get connected
  • Identify work flows
    • Magento 2 work flows required: orders into Sage, customer create in Sage
    • Amazon work flows required: orders into Sage
  • Discuss testing requirements
  • Uncover any hurdles to project success
What Were 7 Reasons This Integration Was So Successful?
  1. The SCB International team were extremely organized. They knew exactly what work flows they wanted to travel between their systems. And, they knew where data was to end up – even down to the field level.
  2. eBridge Connections has a certified Magento 2 connector, and is a certified Magento partner. They have many clients running the connector, so they were not building anything from scratch.
  3. eBridge is also a Sage certified partner, meaning the Sage connector was also prebuilt. They were able to make custom alterations to data through business rules and translation tables, so order and customer data ended up in the right spot, and in the right format.
  4. The connection was made, and orders and customer create were flowing within the first week. Testing orders and making sure data flow was working properly took another 2 weeks.
  5. SCB International alerted eBridge’s Project Team when got stuck on an issue with testing. And, eBridge alerted the SCB team when something came up on their side. For example: SCB International was using Magento payments. They had some work to do on their end and then when finished, needed few configuration adjustments made to the integration. This open and honest communication eliminated project pauses.
  6. There were no major technical issues on either side. The DLL the is installed on SCB International’s side was successful right away, and the connectors worked as expected.
  7. The integration was pushed live on time, and correctly. Both teams were proud of their work.
Best Integration Solution for Sage Software
“We have an old Sage system Mas 200 v4.4 and needed to integrate Our M2 Site and Amazon store with Sage. We chose E-bridge and couldn’t be happier with the results. Now that we have the integration set up, all orders from our M2 site and our amazon store come into Sage sales order module, so we don’t have to manually add them via hand typing.”
– Richard, Controller, SCB International.

  • Huge time saver
  • Implementation went very smooth, which from my experience is rare for technical projects of this nature
  • Cost was very reasonable. Better than the other quotes we received from competitors
  • E-bridge connector works via cloud, so you don’t need to set up hosting for the connector software
  • Customization – Software allows for logic rules/customization, so you can get everything mapped up just right
  • Highly Recommend
About eBridge Connections
eBridge Connections’ universal integration-Platform-as-a-Service (IPaaS) is trusted by hundreds of businesses selling online and in-store. eBridge’s prebuilt connectors – including eCommerce, EDI and ERP connectors like Amazon, Shopify, Magento, Sage, NetSuite, SAP, Microsoft – hook into the platform, flowing order, shipment, inventory, product and customer data bi-directionally between their systems to save time and reduce errors.

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