A Salesforce and Sage 100 ERP integration by eBridge Connections helped Abrams Learning Trends streamline their business processes

A Salesforce and Sage 100 ERP integration by eBridge Connections helped Abrams Learning Trends streamline their business processes

Founded in 2008 and based in Austin, Texas, Abrams Learning Trends is dedicated to supporting educators with innovative Pre-K through Grade 5 supplemental educational materials that provide targeted solutions for literacy, phonics, math, science, health and safety, and more.

The Situation: Salesforce and Sage 100 ERP don’t communicate with each other out of the box which created a manual data entry problem for Abrams Learning Trends

Abrams Learning Trends uses Salesforce to keep track of orders, invoices, and shipments for all of their customers. They also use Sage 100 ERP for their back-office financials. While both of these systems are great tools on their own, they don’t easily allow for exchanging data back and forth between the two.

This meant lots of bi-directional manual data entry between Salesforce and Sage 100 ERP for the employees at Abrams Learning Trends. They quickly discovered that this was a time-consuming, and difficult process for which they needed to find a better solution.

The Solution: A fully automated integration solution by eBridge Connections that would allow Salesforce and Sage 100 ERP to seamlessly flow data back and forth.

eBridge Connections offers pre-built connectors for both Sage 100 ERP and Salesforce, that are configurable and able to support customizations to fit individual client needs. This was great news for Abrams Learning Trends as they wished to flow order data, invoice data, and shipment data, bi-directionally between the two systems.

In order for the integration to work seamlessly the way they wanted, however, business rules and translations needed to be configured by eBridge’s team to manipulate the data so that it could be passed back and forth and fit the formats and fields unique to each system. In total, more than 50 business rules and over 60 translations were set up to ensure the data flowed exactly the way Abrams Learning Trends needed it to.

Throughout the years as an eBridge Connections’ client, David Blair, Director of IT and Web Development at Abrams Learning Trends, has never hesitated to recommend eBridge Connections to other businesses looking for Salesforce and accounting/ERP integration.

What makes Abrams Learning Trends unique?

Abrams Learning Trends understands that students have unique personalities and learning styles and creates products that best address the needs of each child. Their goal is to provide innovative tools that support teachers in meeting those needs amidst the busy, lively, and academically rigorous learning environments of today.

It has been a pleasure for the entire team at eBridge Connections to have supported Abrams Learning Trends with an integration solution between Salesforce and Sage 100 ERP for numerous years. 



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