Shopify to Epicor on the Cloud integration for Cookshack

Shopify to Epicor on the Cloud integration for Cookshack

Who is Cookshack

Gene Ellis and his family have always had a passion for barbecue. Grills, rubs and sauces are their bread and butter. They have evolved since the first days of business. Today, original models and recipes can be purchased in-store or online. 50 years later, Gene’s children run the business with the help of Stuart Powell, the CEO. “Cookshack’s family and character based business practices are why we are the number one choice of pit masters, chefs, caterers, and backyard cooks across the globe.”

Entrepreneurial spirit takes Cookshack to the web

Gene’s family has learned to lean in on their passions. They also know when to evolve. Over the last few years, Cookshack began selling online. They pushed a Shopify eCommerce site live which houses their quality smokers and grills, accessories and recipes. Buyers flow through their website, quickly learn and a large number of them check-out on their Shopify cart.

The back office meets the front

Over the last few years, Cookshack has been modernizing systems. One system, their ERP or accounting system, moved to Epicor on the Cloud. Epicor is a well-known and robust ERP that allows business to track products, costs and count their money at the end of the month. However, with this change came the question of how to integrate their Shopify website with their Epicor on the Cloud ERP.

eBridge shared expert advice on integration

Stuart and team began searching for a solution. They needed to connect their back-office accounting system with their online webstore. Without this automation, every order, shipment, inventory adjustment and so on would have to be entered manually by one of their full time staff. Cookshack knew that being stuck doing manual work would tie their hands with regards to growth and customer satisfaction. The team at eBridge worked closely with the team at Cookshack to score the integration requirements. This was a vital. While eBridge has pre-built connectors for Shopify and Epcior, every business organizes itself in slightly different ways. It is important to form a honest and open partnership between the two businesses.

Every order created on Shopify flows into Epicor on the Cloud

Once the project was sold, it was passed to an eBridge Project Management team. The next step was to create an eBridge Integration account. Then, they begin ‘hooking’ into Cookshack’s systems. Finally, workflows were activated.
  • Order workflow was turned on and configured so new Shopify orders flow into Epicor
  • Shipment information passes from Epicor to Shopify, so the customer can track their package.
  • Cookshack stores their master list of products and prices in Epicor. Changes made to this list, like adding a new product, flow into Shopify.
  • When an order is placed, the items purchased will be removed from inventory count on the Shopify website so Cookshack doesn't disappoint a customer with incorrect quantities.


Hurdles overcome, integration flowing

Epicor on the Cloud is a relatively new ERP system. Overcoming hurdles was easy with the hardworking team at both Cookshack and eBridge. Marrying two systems and the data between them takes communication and hustle. The result? 4 strong and automated workflows live and flowing data. The Cookshack team has several less worries now, and more time to grow and perhaps, BBQ.

Looking for high quality BBQs at your fingertips? Top by Cookshack’s website. They will teach you and help guide you to power-up your BBQ game!

Cookshack, Inc.
Ponca City, OK


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