Electronic Data Interchange, or EDI, is a standardized method of exchanging electronic business documents. By setting up an EDI integrated solution with your accounting or ERP system, you can automate the process of exchanging these documents. eBridge Connections supports EDI integration with all of the leading accounting/ERP packages including products by NetSuite, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics, Epicor, Intuit, Open Systems, and more.

Integrate your accounting/ERP system today in order to electronically exchange business documents including, but not limited to, purchase orders, invoices, and shipment notices.

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Why EDI?
  • In order to work with specific trading partners, vendors and/or suppliers, you may be mandated to perform EDI in order to start or continue a business relationship.
  • Transaction fees can be expensive. With EDI, you can take advantage of a flat rate regardless of transaction volume.
  • Increased efficiency from automating transactions
  • Reduction of errors from manual data entry
  • Validation of content (via EDI standards and receiving software) that confirms transactions contain all the information they need to enable proper processing, traceability, etc.
  • Reduced cost of doing business
  • Faster processing
  • The ability to sell in more places.

eBridge can help.

We've already helped so many great companies connect to their EDI trading partners. Here's just a few:

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