Connecting Walmart Marketplace with your accounting/ERP application makes sense for your business. Eliminating manual data entry will reduce errors, and save you valuable time. Not to mention, keeping track of your Walmart Marketplace data will be easier than ever. eBridge Connections can help you integrate Walmart Marketplace with leading accounting/ERPs including MS Dynamics, NetSuite, Sage, Epicor, Exact Macola, Intuit QuickBooks, SAP, and more.

Connect Walmart Marketplace to any ERP or Accounting Package

The eBridge Connections iPaaS (integration Platform as a Service) powers Walmart Marketplace integrations with the ERP and accounting packages like:

Streamline Order and Inventory Data Processing

The eBridge Connections integration platform facilitates automated, bi-directional data exchange between business platforms, eliminating data re-keying while reducing costly errors. This automated integration can be performed over numerous touch points to streamline business processes. eBridge integration solutions enable orders, and shipping updates to move seamlessly between Walmart Marketplace and ERP systems, resulting in satisfied customers and efficient operations.

  • Bi-directional, automated data integration between Walmart Marketplace and a connected ERP or accounting system
  • Multi-store, and multi-platform (Marketplaces, CRM, EDI) support
  • A fully-managed solution with connectivity, data translation and compliance all handled in the cloud; no-on premise software required
  • Shared business rules that replace the need for mapping and reduce the total cost of ownership
  • eiCloud - a web-based application for data/document management and archiving
  • Unlimited, 24/7 access to a North American-based support team

Touch Points
Inbound Touch Points Outbound Touch Points
Order Acknowledgement, Shipment, Inventory Orders

  • Eliminate manual data entry and avoid costly errors
  • Increase the speed of data exchange, improving customer service efficiency
  • Reduce deployment time by utilizing turnkey integration solutions
  • Upgrade your ERP or add connections (eCommerce, EDI, CRM) with ease
  • Free up time and resources to focus on your business
eBridge Makes Integrating Walmart Marketplace With Your ERP Easy

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