1. All software charges are invoiced upon shipping and are due and payable upon receipt of the software. All software is non-refundable once received.

2. Contract Services may be billed monthly on a delivered hours to date basis.

3. Annual maintenance charges for new maintenance contracts are due and payable upon receipt of the software. Annual maintenance charges for renewal of maintenance contracts are invoiced and due and payable prior to the renewal date.

4. All Network/Portal fees are non-refundable and are billed annually in advance.

5. Quoted amounts for professional services are estimated based on a "standard" implementation. Additional time required to meet customer specific requirements or due to delays in obtaining information or 3rd party involvement will be billed monthly at  eBRIDGE Software's standard labor rate.

6. Travel costs where applicable are additional to the contract price.

7. All prices quoted are before any applicable taxes.

8. All invoices are due upon receipt.

9. The customer authorizes eBRIDGE Software to charge their credit card for payment of products and/or services when they are delivered and billed. The customer understands that this authorization is valid for products and services delivered and billed to the customer's account.

10. The customer accepts and agrees to the terms of the Software License Agreement, Professional Services Agreement & Subscription and Support Agreement which are considered part of this contract.

11. All quoted prices are valid for 60 days from date of issue.