Amazon AMA - Your Questions About Selling on Amazon Answered

Amazon AMA - Your Questions About Selling on Amazon Answered

Wednesday, April 14, 2021Eric Zegarski

Your Questions About Selling on Amazon Answered by the Experts

Brice from Reap Commerce and Emily from Pearl Resourcing join us as we answer your pressing questions about selling on Amazon.

Reap Commerce is a digital marketing agency specializing in conversion rate optimization and testing services which can help promote your website to generate more traffic, convert that traffic into leads, and help develop those leads into quality sales opportunities. They help merchants "Reap the Benefits.”​ of selling online.

Pearl Resourcing is a team of experts in custom PACKAGING DESIGN for retail and online commerce. Their services are designed to eliminate stress and provide a one stop solution so you can focus on sales and creating products that rock!

Both organizations have helped merchants champion selling on Amazon. Now they want to help you! 

Discover How You Can Champion Selling on Amazon

 We answer the following questions related to Amazon: 
  • Getting started with Amazon, best place to start and pricing resources
  • Marketing and sales 101 on Amazon, how to drive product awareness
  • The right packaging for your Amazon products, from product branding to Amazon fulfillment
  • Earning the Buy Box on Amazon 
  • Driving reviews for your products on Amazon 
  • Intro into selling food items on Amazon 
  • Breaking out of being classified as a restricted category 
  • Expanding to new global markets using Amazon 
  • Planning an exit strategy or acquisition of your Amazon/eCommerce business 
  • How an Amazon expert can help your business grow on Amazon


Our Amazon Experts - Meet Our Speakers

Brice McBeth - Founder @ Reap Marketing 
Brice McBeth is the founder of Reap Marketing, the only digital marketing agency that hired itself to build an e-commerce business and optimize its own conversions by over 950% on its way to creating a multi-million dollar store that disrupted the salon equipment industry.

It all started back in the 1900's when he started his career with IBM as one of the founding members of a group that created the first web analytics software delivered as a service, Coremetrics. After leaving to join ranks on the client side, Brice became quickly frustrated with the lack of agencies (albeit very talented) that were able to turn web traffic, buzz, branding, exposure, and engagement into sales. Seeing the need for an agency focused on sales and conversions, he launched Reap and eventually Standish Salon Goods.

Brice wrote about the journey in his book, Salon Chairs Don’t Sell Themselves. He speaks and provides mentorship around Amazon and E-commerce Optimization. Brice serves as a mentor and content contributor to the DFW CPG Community, SKU Incubator Program, and the Dallas Entrepreneur Center.


Emily Page - CEO @ Pearl Resourcing 
Emily Page has over 12 years of experience in consumer brand products. She is CEO of Pearl Resourcing, an international brand & packaging design agency, AND offers business growth consulting. Emily has created and sold products to Costco, BJ’s Trader Joe’s, Williams-Sonoma, Dean & Deluca, Kroger, etc. Her passion is contributing to the growth of her client’s businesses in retail and e-commerce with 2x-5x growth in sales each year. She cant wait to see your business grow too!


Eric Zegarski - Digital Marketing Manager @ eBridge Connections 
Eric is the Digital Marketing Manager for eBridge Connections. Eric has had the privilege of working on both the merchant and tech solution side in the eCommerce space. He has also consulted for multiple eCommerce businesses and was a panelist and presenter at a Shopify Meetup event at Shopify's Plus office in Waterloo Ontario. Connect with Eric on LinkedIn.

About eBridge Connections and Meet Our Universal iPaaS for Amazon

eBridge Connections is a universal iPaaS (integration Platform as a Service) vendor. For more than 25 years they have helped merchants unify their commerce systems. eBridge's iPaaS is trusted by 100s of merchants to enable automatic, bi directional data flow between their eCommerce store(s) and their back office ERP/Accounting systems. 

Our Amazon Connector
eBridge Connections is a vendor of a universal iPaaS. eBridge’s iPaaS is for high volume merchants who are looking to integrate their Amazon store, other eCommerce (Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magento), ERP/accounting systems, and EDI trading partners. Leveraging our pre-built connectors for major ERP/accounting solutions, eBridge can implement an integration with your Amazon store in a speedy manner. In addition, our pre-built connectors limit the reliance on added dev work.   
eBridge is hosted on Microsoft Azure, therefore ensuring an almost 99.9% uptime and industry leading security. With an integration solution from eBridge, you can ensure that your commerce network is connected and communicating data bi-directionally. 

Amazon Integration Success - Andrew Peller

Andrew Peller Limited has a handful of award-winning premium and ultra-premium brands, including Peller Estates. Their company history stretches all the way back to 1927 when their founder Andrew Peller first arrived in Canada. eBridge Connections’ Integration Platform struck a balance between cost and data accuracy. As demand fluctuates through the year, orders will always be right because these tasks are automated, there is no manual interaction. No one from the Peller Estates team needs to sit and rekey data to their ERP from the Amazon store. Read more about how Andrew Peller integrated their Amazon store with eBridge's iPaaS.

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