Powerful B2B eCommerce Success Tools - Guest blog by Hawksearch

Powerful B2B eCommerce Success Tools - Guest blog by Hawksearch

Friday, August 24, 2018Lauren Macdonald Ecommerce has completely changed the way that people shop for goods and services. When most people hear the term ecommerce, they often think of their B2C buying experiences. But B2B online selling has become very prevalent in the marketplace, as many successful companies utilize the internet today as a powerful way to reach their customers.
Most B2B businesses have historically sold from a catalogue system, where shoppers and customers worked with a sales rep to determine their business needs in order to choose the products they wanted to buy. Today, the B2B seller’s website has become an indispensable tool in helping companies accomplish their sales and revenue goals.   
As more B2B companies start selling on the web, their on-site search engine has replaced the paper catalogue as the primary way to organize and index their product lines for customers. The right search engine can be an incredibly powerful tool for B2B sellers to not only help customers find products, but also increase sales revenue through conversions.
In this blog, we will focus on a few features of the leading on-site search solution, Hawksearch, to see how machine learning and metrics reporting can help B2B companies successfully turn more customers into loyal, repeat buyers. 
Machine Learning as a Sales Tool
When most people think of the term machine learning or artificial intelligence, they picture robots taking over the world by overpowering their human creators. Thankfully for all of us, that is not the case. Machine learning gives a search engine the ability to analyze an enormous amount of website visitor data, recognize shoppers’ behavior patterns/purchasing trends and then accurately predict what products  shoppers will choose to buy.
Powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence, Hawksearch offers an optional feature called Relevant Recommendations, which creates personalized product recommendations that appeal to each visitors’ unique needs. In addition, the customer’s prior purchasing history is also used to determine which product recommendations are made. Unleash the power of suggestive selling with recommendations specifically targeted to your unique audience. This strategy will surely greatly increase the probability of conversions taking place.    
Growing Sales & Marketshare Through Metrics
With online competition for customers’ dollars growing every day, it is vitally important for companies involved in B2B ecommerce to provide their site visitors with an outstanding search experience that produces relevant search results and leads to product purchases.  
Successful search tools such as Hawksearch capture actual site visitor data that when studied, can be very enlightening when trying to figure out what online marketing strategies have been successful and those that need improvement.

Studying the search patterns of visitors and customers through metrics provides insight into user intent, measures the effectiveness of search results and helps to minimize poor site content. In addition, utilizing such available reporting as top search terms, most utilized keywords or facets can be a powerful way in determining how effectively your website is responding to and reaching your buying audience.
B2B ecommerce is rapidly becoming a substantial force in many company’s business goals and an effective search engine with such onboard technology as machine learning and metrics reporting can play a huge role in both increasing sales and creating loyal, returning customers.

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