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eBridge Business Rules are like paint: they personalize your data integration, enabling you to meet your business needs. Like the joists and framing of a house, our Web Connectors and Accounting Application Components, provide the structure for data integration between your systems.

What is data integration personalization? Let’s illustrate with an example of creating a new customer during the sales order creation process.

Suppose your Web Store order data contains the following information about your new customer:Name: Joe President
Address: 1601 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington DC
Telephone Number: 555-555-5555
Email Address:
Your Accounting Application has the following fields on the Customer Record:Name
Telephone Number
Customer Comment 1
Customer Comment 2
Customer Class

Our Accounting Application component will handle the obvious: mapping the Name, mapping the Address, and mapping the Telephone Number. However, what about the Email Address? What if you have an accounting practice that requires data in the Customer Comment fields?

Below are 5 ways you can personalize the remaining 4 lines of data to meet your business process needs using eBridge Business Rules:

1. Map the Web Store Email Address to the Customer Comment 1 field
2. Specify the Customer Class ‘WEB’ as configured in your Accounting Application
3. Map ‘New Customer’ or other comments you require to the Customer Comment 2 field
4. Capitalize the Name field
5. Delete the Telephone Number from the data

Keep in mind that the data transferred between systems is primarily determined by your eCommerce and Accounting systems. If your eCommerce store only sends Customer First Name and no Customer Last Name, then that’s all we can work with. Similarly, if your Accounting system has a field for Customer Telephone Number but not Customer Email Address, you will need to determine an alternate field to store the Customer Email Address.

eBridge Business Rules allow you to combine, split, re-arrange, add, and remove data during the data integration process. How would you like your data personalized?

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