Fact or Fiction? Recognising the truth when it comes to QuickBooks and Salesforce integrations

Fact or Fiction? Recognising the truth when it comes to QuickBooks and Salesforce integrations

Tuesday, December 13, 2016Lauren Macdonald A quick Google search for material regarding QuickBooks and Salesforce integrations reveals that there’s a whole lot of information out there. Some useful, some a bit misleading. To make it easier, here’s a quick breakdown that will help you understand the truth when it comes to integrating QuickBooks and Salesforce:
Fact: Business is easier when your QuickBooks accounting system is connected to your Salesforce CRM.
This one just makes sense.

Being able to pass data (such as accounts, contacts, opportunities, products, etc.) back and forth between two systems without the need for human intervention and manual data entry will make business simpler.

Not to mention, connecting the two will enable you the ability to generate documents like invoices, receipts, estimates, and more, without hassle.
Fiction: QuickBooks and Salesforce are built to communicate with each other, easily.
The reality is that QuickBooks and Salesforce, like most ERPs and CRMs, were built in isolation and don’t effectively communicate with one another on their own. The data is configured differently in each system and requires the careful coding of translations and business rules in order to pass data back and forth between the two.
Fact: The benefits of connecting QuickBooks and Salesforce outweigh the costs associated with doing so.
There’s so many benefits to the integration of QuickBooks and Salesforce. Here’s just a few:
  • Expedite the quote to cash process
  • Synchronize customer and product records
  • Eliminate data re-keying
  • Increase data consistency and accuracy
  • Provide quick responses to customer inquiries
  • Upgrade QuickBooks or Salesforce, or add connectors (eCommerce, EDI, etc.) with ease.
  • Free up time and resources to focus on your business
Fiction: Intuit (the company that built QuickBooks) has a Salesforce app of their own, that connects QuickBooks with Salesforce
If we had written this blog a few months ago, this would have been a “fact”, but now it’s “fiction”. Intuit recently removed their Salesforce connector from the Salesforce app exchange, forcing many users that relied on it to look for a new integration solution from third-party vendors, instead.

You can click here to view Intuit’s previous Salesforce app exchange listing for QuickBooks integration, which you can see now shows up as an “inactive” listing.
Fact: eBridge Connections can help bridge the gap between QuickBooks and Salesforce with an integration solution.
Thanks to eBridge Connections’ universal integration platform, connecting QuickBooks with Salesforce doesn’t have to feel like such an impossible task.

In fact, you can use this Blueprint Builder, to see for yourself how simple it is to map out the integration solution that fits your business’s needs. Just select QuickBooks and Salesforce from the drop down menus and then choose your touch points.

facts behind integrating Salesforce and Quickbooks

Quick Books and Salesforce iPaaS integration solution

Fiction: Once your QuickBooks and Salesforce integration is setup, it’s up to you to maintain the connector as you grow, upgrade, and alter your business processes.

While this may be “fact” for some solution providers, it’s definitely “fiction” for eBridge Connections. We maintain all of our integration solutions in-house, so that you never have to worry.

If you upgrade your QuickBooks accounting package, or make changes to your Salesforce CRM, or simply decide that you need additional data to be integrated between the two systems, you can rest assured that eBridge Connections platform is built to grow and scale along with your business.

And, if you ever decide to sell online using an eCommerce platform (i.e. Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, Miva, ChannelAdvisor, Volusion, etc.), or an eCommerce marketplace (i.e. Amazon, eBay, Walmart Marketplace, etc.), eBridge Connections can sync your QuickBooks and Salesforce applications with your web store as well.

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