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This is What's Turning Potential Customers Away From Your eCommerce Site 

Relationships take work, even the relationships you have with your customers. It’s important to get it right, and know how to create an environment to foster growth.

It’s a fantastic feeling to know sales are up, customers are talking and word of mouth is at an all-time high! What eCommerce retailer wouldn’t want that?!

What happens when the chemistry dies, and those booming customer relationships are no more?

Below, we’re outlining those turn-offs that are killing your relationships (and your sales). We’re going to help you bring the fire back to rebuild that chemistry.

Turn-off One:  Desktops are great, but don’t forget mobile

Mobile is taking over; remember that it accounts for 50.3% of all eCommerce traffic (Shopify). That is over half. Don’t ignore this trend, embrace it! When selecting your platform and designing your website, remember to make everything responsive for various devices and browsers. At this point in time, this should be common sense, but it is still extremely important to keep in mind. Remember that it’s one thing to have a mobile responsive site; it’s another to make it a positive user experience. Don’t sacrifice this on your ecommerce site!

Turn-off Two:  Don’t forget the 80/20 rule

Acquisition is important to any business; it’s how you grow! It’s important, however, that your existing customers aren’t forgotten. Invest in re-marketing to your current customer base as well as new potential customers. Remember that 80% of your sales should come from 20% of your customer base. Focus on social media, email marketing and developing good quality content.

Turn-off Three: No one likes waiting

Don’t make your customers wait; this can be one of the biggest turn-offs killing your sales and increasing your bounce rate. Pay attention to things like site load times, delivery times, customer service etc. We live in an instant world, why should your online store be any different?

Turn-off Four: Registration is frustration

Don’t make registration a requirement before buying. No one likes to give their information when they’re not 100% sure what they’re getting in return. It’s imperative that you provide some sort of value for your customer before you ask them for personal information to register. Having said that, if registration fits your business model (pre-purchase), just make sure that there is something in it for them. This could be a coupon, or discount of some sort.

Turn-off Five: Poor product photos

Your customers want to see the product you’re selling, and not having good quality photos can be a massive turn off for them. Your photos need to showcase your products in a positive light; this is not something you want to cheap out on. Having said that, you don’t need a huge budget for this. If you’re on a start-up budget, check out our tips on good product photos here!

In the end, it’s all about portraying your value strategically and effectively. You never want to over promise and under deliver. So before you start looking at expensive options to help bring back the chemistry, take a serious look at what may be turning off your customers and killing your sales; it could be a quick fix!


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