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Finding there's not enough hours in a day? Great news: Amazon Prime 'Day' 2018 will be 36 hours!

Finding there's not enough hours in a day? Great news: Amazon Prime 'Day' 2018 will be 36 hours!

Monday, July 9, 2018Lauren Macdonald Beginning on July 16th at 3 PM ET and lasting a full 36 hours, Amazon Prime Day 2018 is promising more than a million deals around the world.

New this year will be Prime Day “select deals” at Whole Foods stores, and 10% cash back on purchases up to $400 for members with an Amazon Prime Rewards Visa card.

Amazon Prime Day Sales

Amazon is also adding countries to the list of those who can celebrate Prime Day, too. Deals this year will be expanded to Australia, Singapore, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Finally, Amazon shoppers can expect to see lots of great deals on Alexa-enabled products, including the introduction of a brand-new, Alexa-enabled Delta kitchen faucet. Plus, with their purchase of Ring back in February and their release of Amazon Key in November, discounts on home security products are sure to be plentiful this Prime Day.

For those that sell their goods on Amazon and are anticipating high order volumes this Prime Day, we recommend taking a look at eBridge Connections’ pre-built connector for enabling Amazon integration with your ERP system.

Why integrate?

Most Amazon sellers who reach out to eBridge are looking for a way to speed up their order fulfillment process in order to avoid harsh penalties from Amazon who have strict requirements for timeliness.

“Integration has saved us at least 10 hours a week on just the fulfillment side. This new process has helped streamline the way our orders are inputted into Sage 100 ERP and our team couldn’t be happier with the automation,” says one happy eBridge Connections customer.

Others are simply looking to replace the cost of a full-salaried data entry person by automating the process instead.

We make integrating and syncing your ERP with Amazon easy! 

Whatever the reason may be, if you sell on Amazon and are looking for a way to lighten your order entry burden, check out our free planning tool to see what you can integrate.

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