Why You Should Sell on Walmart Marketplace & Grow Your Omni-Channel

Why You Should Sell on Walmart Marketplace & Grow Your Omni-Channel

Monday, June 3, 2019Eric Zegarski

Benefits of Listing Your Products on Walmart Marketplace and Growing Your Omni-Channel Commerce Strategy

Walmart has been busy building their eCommerce presence over the last 5 years, especially expanding their product offerings on their online marketplace. Walmart Marketplace is a platform that allows third-party merchants to list and sell their items on It’s pretty like how you would sell on Amazon or eBay. Selling to Walmart’s online marketplace is an easy way to get your products in front of a massive audience. As of right now, Walmart’s marketplace is only second to Amazon in North America it terms of eCommerce. Items listed on Walmart marketplace appear in search results on alongside their items. Essentially, you would be a drop shipping supplier for Walmart. Listing your products on Walmart marketplace is an easy way to grow your omni-channel commerce presence. Below you’ll find a few reasons why you should consider listing your products on their marketplace.


Optimized for Sales and Conversions

Just like Amazon, Walmart has a dedicated team to ensure that their eCommerce user experience is ideal in order to drive conversions and sales. This means you get to take advantage of their eCommerce expertise without having to spend an additional dollar on it. Walmart ensures that their shop is optimized for both desktop and mobile browsing experiences. As a result, no matter the device, the user experiences a simple shopping and checkout process. Furthermore, Walmart utilizes popular win back techniques like abandoned cart emails.


Immense Reach & Reputation

Walmart is known globally as a commerce leader. Their online marketplace is only second to Amazon in North America. Customers shopping with Walmart know that they offer top notch security. In addition, they have a customer service team that can assist shoppers with any questions or concerns they might have. Being listed on the Walmart marketplace allows you to take advantage of Walmart’s reputation and brand equity. As well as their immense reach as an online shopping destination.


Go Beyond Just

Over the last 5 years or so, Walmart has been busy growing its eCommerce footprint beyond just their own dot com site. They have been busy acquiring eCommerce shops that are market leaders in unique products, outdoor lifestyle goods, and footwear. Being a part of Walmart Marketplace allows you to sell your products on those sites if they qualify. Just like Walmart's own dot com shop, these sites are optimized for sales and user experience.

Some of these include:


No Fees to Setup or Sell

There are no monthly fees or setup costs associate with selling on Walmart Marketplace or its affiliates. All third-party merchants pay a commission based on their sales. Walmart has a set commission rate based on what category your product is. For example, if you sell Jewlery, your commission rate is 20% vs 10% if you sell tires and wheels. A full list of these commission rates can be viewed here. As a merchant, you must decide if it’s economically advantageous for you to list your products on Walmart Marketplace.


We Make it Easy to Sell on Walmart Marketplace

One caveat about being listed on Walmart Marketplace is that you are responsible for the fulfillment process. In order to ensure that your orders are instantly processed to your ERP, an integration solution between it and Walmart Marketplace is recommended. This way you eliminate the need for manual order entry and can fulfill orders faster.

eBridge has a pre-built Walmart Marketplace connector. As a result, we can connect your Walmart Marketplace store in a timely manner. Our iPaaS solution is hosted on Microsoft Azure, guaranteeing a 99.9% uptime and industry leading security. In addition, if you decide to sell at physical Walmart stores down the road, we do EDI integration as well. If you’re new to EDI, then you’ll find out Fresh Guide to EDI helpful.

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