Discover How You can Earn Your MBA in Getting Ship Done at ShipStation University

Discover How You can Earn Your MBA in Getting Ship Done at ShipStation University

Wednesday, March 4, 2020Eric Zegarski

Here's Everything ShipStation & ShipStation University You Need to Know

Successful eCommerce merchants are always working on improving their shipping operations. Optimizing your fulfillment can lead to better customer service and cutting operational and shipping costs. Love them or hate them, Amazon is the gold standard when it comes to shipping. With their 2-day guarantee for Amazon Prime members, shoppers have developed an exquisite palate for fast shipping.  

Solutions like ShipStation allow you to streamline your shipment and fulfillment process. For those not familiar with ShipStation, it allows you to connect your carrier accounts, create pick lists, print shipping labels, and manage returns — all in a single platform. In addition, you can create automation rules that allow you to easily customize your shipping and order fulfillment processes. ShipStation helps you save time while still shipping your orders exactly the way you want. All of this starts at an introductory price of just $9 USD a month!  

Whether you’re new to ShipStation, or an avid user, ShipStation University is a crash course in everything ShipStation. By the time the session is over, you’ll have earned your MBA in getting ship done! We had the pleasure of not only attending, but sponsoring the Austin, Texas ShipStation University event. Below you’ll find a few topics related to marketing, operations and finance that ShipStation covers in their crash course in getting ship done:  


How ShipStation Makes Your Branding Shine 

ShipStation enables you to go above and beyond just offering a fantastic unboxing experience. ShipStation’s platform allows you to have branded packing slips and labels. In addition, you can have a branded landing pages for tracking orders hosted on ShipStation. You’ll no longer have to redirect customers to USPS or FedEx sites. Furthermore, ShipStation allows you to make these pages truly yours buy adding links to your social media channels.   


Streamlining Your ShipStation With Automation Rules 

Automation makes getting ship done easier and faster. ShipStation, in detail, explained how you can set up different types of rules to automate your shipping process. One of the handiest automation rules they showcased was “if X equals Y, then do Z”.  For example, if an order is over $100 then you can automatically add insurance. In addition, there are automation rules that allow you to distribute order picking by employee. This ensures that each worker has an even workload and can pick orders faster.  


Speeding Up Your Fulfillment Process with Workflows  

Workflows allow you to work smarter and not harder. You can build pre-set workflows in ShipStation that are specific to your packing and shipping process. As an example, if you’re offering overnight or next day shipping, then ShipStation’s workflow feature is a godsend. You can build a workflow that prints shipping labels for all orders that chose overnight shipping in one batch. You can enjoy your morning coffee stress free while your labels print.  


Ensuring the Right Product is Picked  

Imagine to horror of ordering a black sweatshirt and receiving a navy blue one instead. ShipStation’s label scanner allows you to avoid that nightmare for your customers. If you happen to have an extensive catalogue of products or a warehouse serving multiple stores, then ShipStation’s barcode feature will ensure the right product is picked to fulfill orders. With the scan of a barcode, the order picker knows if the product is the one the customer ordered. This feature is extremely useful for merchants who sell apparel or have a lot of variants of the same product.  


Reports for Every Data Nerd  

Ask any analytical person and they’ll tell you that numbers are BAE. ShipStation has an analytics dashboard that was pulled straight for a data nerd’s dream. You can track everything from preferred shipping methods and carrier rates. One feature that you might find useful is comparing what customers paid for shipping vs what you paid to the carriers. This allows you to have a better understanding of your fulfillment costs. In addition, you can make business decision in relation to shipping and fulfillment that are based on factual numbers.  


ShipStation University is Coming to a City Near You  

The best part about ShipStation University, it’s hitting the road. You don’t have to travel (far) to get your MBA in getting ship done. ShipStation will be in Chicago on March 20th and in Brooklyn on April 23rd. In addition, ShipStation will be hosting a west coast even in Vancouver, Canada at a date to be determined.  

Extra Credit – Integrate Your ShipStation with Your ERP 

Connecting ShipStation with your accounting/ERP application makes sense for your business. Eliminating manual data entry will reduce errors, and save you valuable time. As a result, keeping track of your shipping data will be easier than ever. We have a pre-built connector for ShipStation, therefore we can execute a ShipStation in a timely manner. eBridge Connections can help you integrate ShipStation with all of the leading accounting/ERPs including Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite, Sage, Intuit QuickBooks, SAP, and more. 

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