A Tailored ERP for the Consumer Goods Industry, Connected to Amazon

A Tailored ERP for the Consumer Goods Industry, Connected to Amazon

Thursday, November 15, 2018Lindsay Hampson
What is Aptean Apprise ERP

Aptean Apprise ERP was developed specifically to handle everything that consumer goods importers and distributors need to run and grow their businesses. It keeps teams on the same page and automates important financial, inventory, sales, logistics, and shipping processes.

The system is wildly popular and heavily relied upon by some of the biggest manufacturers, importers and distributors in the sector. Apprise ERP’s goal is to enable consumer goods companies to run a better business using their ERP. 
An opportunity: Eliminate manual data entry between Apprise and Amazon
eBridge Connections recently connected with the Apprise team after several Apprise customers noticed an opportunity. Apprise ERP customers selling on Amazon could significantly streamline their processes with an integration. More specifically, they could push new purchase orders, or 850s, through FTP to Apprise ERP directly. And then, they could push inventory, or 846s and 947s, back through to Amazon to keep stock on the online shop up to date. 

Connecting Apprise ERP to Amazon enables data from orders, and inventory adjustments to happen automatically. The results?  Time saved, risk avoided, and Amazon compliance met.  

We make syncing and intergrating your ERP with Amazon easy

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