Real Questions From Real WooCommerce Merchants

Real Questions From Real WooCommerce Merchants

Wednesday, November 23, 2016Lindsay Hampson

Why WooCommerce is Dominating the eCommerce Space

“With 18,270,562 downloads, WooCommerce powers over 39% of all online stores.”  Now that is one very impressive statistic via BuiltWith. 
Us folks over here at eBridge are most certainly feeling this growth.  Countless WooCommerce merchants reach out to us every day.  And, that number has been on the rise over the past few months.

So, why Woo?

Although eBridge supports a long list of eCommerce platforms, this blog is centered around why a merchant would pick WooCommerce to open THEIR shop.
1) Sell anything, anywhere.  Beautifully. 
  1. WooCommerce is built to integrate seamlessly with WordPress, which is the world's most popular and powerful method for creating a website. Why not benefit from both?
  2. It comes bundled with payment gateways such as PayPal, BACS and cash on delivery.
  3. Real people are there to help you – all the time.
  4. Plus, it offers many different shipping options. Want to ship only to Canada?  No problem.  Want to ship world-wide?  No problem.  You are in the driver’s seat.
2) Your developers are free to - well - develop.  Open-sourced, extendable and adaptable.  Just like your business. 
  1. Build a basic store.  Build a robust store.  Same platform.
  2. Pick themes or build your own.
  3. Lots of SKUs?  Access one of the 300+ extensions to better manage the complexity.
  4. Track stock too.

Real questions from real WooCommerce’ers

Here are 4 questions we’ve gotten from WooCommerce merchants around order build-up, backlog, and accounting automation over the last month. 
  1. Q: “We would like to integrate our online orders in WooCommerce with Windows Dynamics GP.”
A: No problem.  Check out eBridge’s online Blueprint Builder to see the systems we integrate with already.  Even go so far as to pick the exact data you want flowing from WooCommerce to your accounting system. 
  1. Q: “I have too many orders from Woocommerce, and I’m using SAP Business One as my ERP.  When does it makes sense to integrate the two?”
A: The answer to that is easy.  If you are getting over 200 orders a month, its time to consider integration.  It will pay for itself.  We wrote a short blog on the ROI of integration.  Rather than hiring a data entry person, think integration. 
  1. Q: “I run two ecommerce businesses and am looking for a way to streamline and automate our order/data entry. One site runs on Volusion's platform and the other is a WooCommerce site. I was hoping to talk with someone about what type of package would be best for our setup.”
A: It is your lucky day.  eBridge just announced its universal integration platform.  What does this mean?  It means that we have a pre-built, maintained connector for Volusion and WooCommerce.  And, we have a connector for over 40 accounting systems.  Plus, over 600 trading partners and CRMs.  Add them.  Delete them.  Still us. 
  1. Q: “I manage my clients web site(s) and I have been asked to build a query in the client area that will allow customers to check on their product warranties. The web platform is wordpress and the accounting system is navision. The next phase of the system will include an online storefront for which I am looking at woocommerce. Please let me know if this is possible using your solution and what it would cost. Thank you.”
A: Although our prebuilt connectors take customers most of the way there, we are always open to work on customization of data flow.  And, we really like teaming up with web agencies.  We have a healthy network of partners in our ecosystem.  Interested in learning more about partnership?  Find out how now. 

We Integrate WooCommerce 

WooCoommerce ERP Integration using eBridge iPaaS

Manually inputting orders, inventory levels, shipping numbers, products details, invoices and more?  If you are seeing the volume – learn more about how we can help today.
  • Automate data flow from WooCommerce to your back-end accounting or ERP system
  • Process orders faster
  • Make your customers happier - send shipping details right away
  • Gain exposure simply adding connectors for the trading partners your customers are frequenting

We Make Integrating WooCommerce With Your ERP Easy

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