Andrew Peller - Microsoft Dynamics NAV With Amazon Integration Success Story

Andrew Peller - Microsoft Dynamics NAV With Amazon Integration Success Story

The Focus is Back on Wine: Integrating MS Dynamics NAV to Amazon to Save Andrew Peller Limited Time 

Where It All Started

Wondering what to pour into your wine glass on a Friday night? Andrew Peller Limited has a handful of award-winning premium and ultra-premium brands, including Peller Estates. Their company history stretches all the way back to 1927 when their founder Andrew Peller first arrived in Canada from Hungary to pursue his dream of bringing wine appreciation of Canadians. Flash forward to today where Peller Estates is a world-renowned company with top class wine brands.

30 minutes down the highway from eBridge Connections is a expansive area of Ontario called the Niagara Escarpment. More than just beautiful, this land is perfectly complex for wine growers. One of these fantastic companies is an eBridge Connections customer, Andrew Peller Limited. Here is their integration story.

Their Winemaking Processes Evolve and So Do Their Sales Channels

The Peller Estates team saw an opportunity to ride the wave of eCommerce and start to sell their wines over Amazon. After nailing down logistics, an online strategy and a store, the question became, “How to integrate online store data with Andrew Peller Ltd’s back office Microsoft Dynamics NAV system?”

Andrew Meets eBridge

After searching for a middle ware or interface to pass data back and forth, they came across eBridge Connections. Several Andrew Peller Limited contacts held a scoping call with their technology partner and eBridge team members. Together, the teams walked through possible work flows that would automate manual sales order data entry. The project plan took shape and the efforts began.

Getting Andrew Peller Connected

eBridge Connections’ Integration Platform struck a balance between cost and data accuracy. Today eBridge ensures that Peller Estates customers get their order on time and correctly. Even as demand fluctuates through the year, orders will always be right because these tasks are automated. There is no manual interaction. No one from the Peller Estates team needs to sit and rekey data to their ERP from the Amazon store.


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Andrew Peller Limited
697 South Service Road
Grimsby, Ontario

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