CommerceHub Costco EDI to Quickbooks Integration for Piccola Cucina

CommerceHub Costco EDI to Quickbooks Integration for Piccola Cucina

eBridge Connections helps Piccola Cucina comply with Costco EDI requirements with a time-saving integration to their QuickBooks accounting system.

Piccola Cucina is the premier manufacturer of gourmet and handcrafted almond-based creations influenced by and made with traditional Italian recipes by a dynamic mother and daughter duo. It sounds magically delicious, doesn’t it?

The company was growing and expanding. Where there was opportunity, the Piccola Cucina team knew there would also be challenges. Piccola Cucina faced many logistical challenges including supply and demand and the ability to add new channels, like Costco. Supplying to Costco was exciting but the team needed a way to integrate EDI documents directly with the retailer. While they weren’t familiar with EDI, they knew they needed to do it. Piccola Cucina found out that Costco works with CommerceHub as their EDI hub for drop shipping.

Getting advice from CommerceHub on integrating EDI documents

Piccola Cucina reached out to CommerceHub during supplier setup. Not only did they need to do EDI, but they also needed an automated data flow between CommerceHub and their accounting system, QuickBooks.

CommerceHub introduced Piccola Cucina to eBridge Connections, a team of ERP and accounting system integration experts. eBridge and CommerceHub struck a partnership in 2019. They work as a dynamic team to help suppliers integrate ERP and accounting systems directly to CommerceHub to comply with retail EDI.

Why integrating CommerceHub Costco EDI makes sense

eBridge Connections is a provider of cloud-based accounting integration-Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) for small to medium-sized businesses that supply to retail marketplaces and channels.

With automated workflows, Piccola Cucina stood to save manual effort and streamline business processes to:

• Eliminate manual data entry
• Avoid costly errors such as wrong quantity, address or price
• Reduce administrative costs, freeing up valuable resources
• Improve retailer and customer satisfaction by processing orders correctly and on time

eBridge ensured a smooth transition for Piccola Cucina

After an initial kick-off call, eBridge got straight to work by connecting to their QuickBooks, setting up their workflows, and then testing with Costco. The process was teamwork from the start, which is especially important when suppliers are brand new to EDI. The goal of integration was simple: to save time and effort in process logistics.

“eBridge was a pleasure to work with, very helpful in walking me through the process as someone very new to EDI. Thank you!” – Pina, Piccola Cucina

Piccola Cucina’s CommerceHub Costco EDI to QuickBooks is live

Today, Piccola Cucina has 4 workflows saving them time and helping them comply with Costco requirements including:
  • Orders from CommerceHub Costco to QuickBooks
  • Inventory from QuickBooks to CommerceHub Costco
  • Shipments from QuickBooks to CommerceHub Costco
  • Shipment Released from QuickBooks to CommerceHub Costco
Costco EDI CommerceHub Integration

Integrating EDI is a treat for this Costco supplier

Piccola Cucina provides products that are handcrafted and made with care and attention. They want their customer’s experience from order to consumption, to be magical and delightful. The in-house team takes care of the delicious part, while their vendors like CommerceHub and eBridge Connections make sure the buying and fulfillment process is fast and exceeds expectations. Visit Piccola Cucina today to see their treats for yourself!

About eBridge Connections: eBridge Connections’ universal integration-Platform-as-a-Service (IPaaS) is trusted by hundreds of businesses selling online and in-store. eBridge’s prebuilt connectors – including eCommerce, EDI and ERP connectors like Amazon, Shopify, Magento, Sage, NetSuite, SAP, Microsoft – hook into the platform, flowing order, shipment, inventory, product and customer data bi-directionally between their systems, to save time and reduce errors. Build your own integration plan now. 



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