eBridge Connections helped VFO Group connect their Optelec brand's Shopify store with Microsoft Dynamics GP to increase efficiency

eBridge Connections helped VFO Group connect their Optelec brand's Shopify store with Microsoft Dynamics GP to increase efficiency

After launching a new Shopify store for their Optelec brand, VFO Group was on the hunt for an automated process that would sync their sales order, inventory, and shipment data with Microsoft Dynamics GP.

With a wide range of magnifiers, optical products, professional tools, and daily living solutions for individuals with low vision, Optelec For Professionals ( has become a trusted leader in supporting the visually impaired through their network of registered eye care professionals.

In order to continue offering comprehensive products, tools, and aids through their website, VFO Group knew it was important to automate data flow from their website to their back-office Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP to create efficiency and maximize profits.

The Situation: To keep up with demand, VFO Group needed a more efficient method of flowing order, inventory, and shipping data between Shopify and Dynamics GP for their Optelec brand.

With lots of website traffic and orders flowing in constantly, VFO Group wanted to find a better way of automating data across the platforms and applications their business was using. It was imperative for their business’s success that order, inventory, and shipping data could be synced in near-real time between Shopify and Microsoft Dynamics GP.

VFO Group began researching companies that could help with their data entry issues and found that eBridge Connections offered just the solution they were looking for.

The Solution: eBridge Connections checked all the boxes for VFO Group.

Through communication with eBridge’s integration experts, VFO Group quickly learned that they could join eBridge’s Universal Integration Platform and add the workflows they needed in order to automate data flow for their Optelec brand.

With the help of eBridge’s implementation team they set up workflows using translations and business rules that would manipulate the data across systems just the way they needed.



There’s more integration ahead for VFO Group and eBridge Connections!

eBridge Connections was a great fit for VFO Group because Optelec was just one of the brands they needed to automate data for. eBridge Connections’ platform is scalable and makes it easy to add more connectors to an integration solution for businesses with numerous brands or stores.

Now that their first integration with eBridge is running smoothly and saving their business time and money, VFO Group is working with eBridge again on integration solutions for their other brands.

Today, VFO Group is in the process of integrating their Shopify stores for their AISquared brand and VFO Group Online with Microsoft Dynamics GP using eBridge. To date, eBridge’s team has successfully synced their order data and are now working on connecting their inventory, product, and shipment data for these brands as well.



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