Group One Northwest Launches Volusion eCommerce Store with Integrated ERP

Group One Northwest Launches Volusion eCommerce Store with Integrated ERP
The Situation: Accurate Inventory Volumes and Pricing

When Group One decided to introduce eCommerce into their business model, they knew inventory and pricing automation was a necessity. “Too many items would be missed, skipped and somebody will eventually end up with the wrong information,” said Michael Edwards, Principal. “This could lead to people having a poor customer experience, and not wanting to use the site.” They needed an integration solution that would streamline data exchange and avoid the potential headaches created by manual processes.

The Solution: Iventory and Pricing Integration

Group One Northwest was introduced to eBridge Connections (by Open Systems) as a trusted and high-quality integration provider. With this referral, along with the discovery that eBridge could provide a connection to Traverse ERP, it was an easy decision for Group One. “We were very pleased to find an integration provider who understood our niche system and all that comes with it,” said Michael.

“eBridge Connections was able to provide overall functionality. They understood what it meant to connect to Traverse. They understood Traverse without us having to bring them up to speed before working on the integration,” said Michael.

The eBridge Connections Professional Services team remotely installed an adapter for Traverse on Group One’s server and connected it with their Volusion store via a pre-built connector. Next, the solution was configured to automatically retrieve inventory quantities from Traverse every hour and update the quantities for the matching SKUs in Volusion. Lastly, pricing data from Traverse was mapped for posting into Volusion as a batch update to be run once a week.

Michael also sang the praises of his eBridge project manager. “Rather than telling us that we need to do something different on our end he figured out how to make the solution work with what we are already doing. Our needs were certainly met!”

Integration Touch Points
  • Inventory Quantity Updates from Open Systems Traverse into Volusion
  • Pricing (Product) Updates from Open Systems Traverse into Volusion
What would you say to other businesses considering eBridge Connections?

“If any company is considering automating vs not automating, I would strongly suggest to automate in every case. Any time you’re handling integration processes manually, such as importing and exporting, there is always a chance that they don’t get done properly, or in a timely manner. If you end up providing potential customers outdated information on your site you will run the risk of losing business,” said Michael Edwards.

About Group One Northwest

Group One Northwest, Inc. ( is a wholesale distributor of low voltage products in the Pacific Northwest. For over 30 years, Group One has offered a variety of products from structured cabling, networks, intrusion and fire alarms, CCTV security cameras, and intercoms all with an emphasis on IP-based security solutions and integration.

About eBridge Connections

eBridge Connections delivers powerful, cloud-based ERP and accounting integration solutions that automate vital business processes and eliminate the need for manual data entry. The eBridge universal integration platform supports over 30 ERP and accounting systems including products from Microsoft, Sage, SAP, NetSuite, and Epicor. With connections to the leading eCommerce and CRM applications, plus hundreds of EDI trading partners, eBridge Connections has become the integration platform of choice for businesses worldwide.



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