For years Comfort Research has trusted eBridge Connections with data integration for their high-volume, multi-channel, and global furniture and beanbag business

For years Comfort Research has trusted eBridge Connections with data integration for their high-volume, multi-channel, and global furniture and beanbag business
Who is Comfort Research?

Co-founders Matt Jung and Chip George were students at Hope College in Holland, Michigan, when the idea for Comfort Research was born. An old, uncomfortable beanbag chair sparked their imaginations. How could they make it better? They shredded a heap of foam mattress pads, stuffed them into the old beanbag chair, and ultimately created a new product which they called: The Fuf.

Fast forward to today. Comfort Research with its innovative chairs have sold millions of units of their creation and have found the “recipe for success” to growing their business. Their promise? To always be FAT – FUNctional, Affordable, and Trendy.

How it all started:

What started with a little convincing and a General Manager of a local Meijer store who agreed to purchase 50 Fufs, quickly spiraled into a business success story of the ages, which brought the beanbag chair into stores statewide, and now, worldwide.

But, to sell their beanbag chairs in big-box retailers like Walmart, Costco, Macy’s, Target, and more, Comfort Research knew they needed to be able to do EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) so that they could electronically exchange invoices, shipping notices, and other important business documents back and forth between their accounting package and their trading partners.

They tried out one integration solution provider but quickly encountered problems. They were finding implementation difficult and customizations specific to their business needs were not easily achieved. At that time, they reached out to eBridge Connections to automate data between their EDI trading partners and their Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP.

The Solution: eBridge Connections supports Comfort Research, even on their heaviest order volume days.

Knowing that they needed a new EDI solution provider to rectify their problems, Mark Slagle, Director of IT, at Comfort Research reached out to eBridge Connections. He was pleased to learn that eBridge’s platform was highly customizable and would allow them to do business with all the trading partners they needed.

The icing on the cake? eBridge’s universal integration platform also supported eCommerce platforms, meaning Comfort Research could connect their online Magento store to their integration solution as well.

Today, Comfort Research is one of eBridge Connections biggest clients and has passed thousands of documents to and from their MS Dynamics GP ERP, Amazon,, Magento eCommerce store, and their EDI trading partners as a result of eBridge’s platform.

“We would absolutely use eBridge Connections if we had to do it all again,” says Mark.
Comfort Research makes millions by selling beanbag chairs electronically – across multiple channels – with the help of 15 retail trading partners and every online channel, including their own webstore.

eBridge Connections is the trusted integration platform for Comfort Research’s many channels, including:
  • Amazon
  • Bluestem
  • Target USA
  • Walmart USA
  • Sams Club USA
  • Pottery Barn
  • Meijer
  • Amazon FBA
  • Macys
  • Costco US
  • Costco Canada
  • Shopko
  • And they have a Magento shop

Microsoft Dynamics and Retail EDI Connection Powered by eBridge


Interesting facts about Comfort Research’s EDI volumes
  • On one Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend, they impacted Walmart’s system when they sold a record number of beanbag chairs in a short amount of time.
  • Through it all, eBridge Connections’ platform has been able to support their high volume days and help keep their data flowing.
How is Comfort Research different?

Comfort Research’s commitment to Comfort, Research, Design, and Value is what makes them stand out. They invest countless hours into researching style trends, customer needs and manufacturing techniques that satisfy everyone’s idea of “the best seat in the house.” They also design their beanbag chairs with more than just color and shape in mind. For Comfort Research, it’s about creating a product that is efficient to produce, built to last, and worth every penny paid for it.

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