Nalpak Inc. integrates their Sage 100 ERP and BigCommerce store to automate data using eBridge Connections as their integration vendor.

Nalpak Inc. integrates their Sage 100 ERP and BigCommerce store to automate data using eBridge Connections as their integration vendor.

Nalpak Inc. had their early roots in creating custom reusable packaging. Today, they have been making Tuffpak hard-sided cases for over 30 years, and also offer flashlights, multi-tools, knives, and a full-line uniform shop, servicing police departments throughout San Diego County. Their success comes from offering the very best products backed by the very best customer service. But with great success has come data entry hardships for the employees at Nalpak Inc.

The Situation: A better way of processing orders, updating inventory and product data, and sending shipment updates was becoming a must for the team at Nalpak Inc.

Nalpak has always been focused on customer service. And with good customer service, comes the requirement for fast and accurate order processing and fulfilment. In order to keep up with demand, the team at Nalpak knew they needed an automated way of flowing data between their Sage 100 ERP and their BigCommerce online store. Andy Leonard of Nalpak decided to reach out to eBridge Connections for help with achieving a fully-automated solution.

The Solution: eBridge Connections’ pre-built connectors for Sage 100 and BigCommerce were just what Nalpak Inc. was looking for.  

Andy was glad to learn that eBridge had experience integrating BigCommerce stores for tons of other companies, like Nalpak. Using their pre-built connectors for Sage 100 and BigCommerce, eBridge’s team of implementation experts were able to configure an integration solution that would flow Nalpak’s important business data exactly the way they needed

Starting with order data, and adding inventory, product, and shipment data as well, eBridge’s team worked alongside Andy to ensure the integration solution met the needs of Nalpak’s employees. The result was a solution that would save them from hours of manual data entry and help create efficiency in their processing and fulfilment models.

What made eBridge Connections and Nalpak Inc. the perfect fit?

If there’s one thing the team at Nalpak Inc. wanted for their BigCommerce and Sage 100 integration, it was a solution that was reliable and could scale along with their growing business. What they found most exciting about eBridge Connections’ integration platform was its universality and the way connectors could be added or removed with ease. This means if they change any of their business systems down the road, they can simply add or remove connectors while keeping their integration solution intact.

Also exciting is that eBridge’s platform is hosted on Microsoft Azure’s cloud and boasts 99.9% up-time. The reliability of the platform was a selling feature for Andy and his team at Nalpak.
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