Sage 100 to Magento and Salon Interactive Integration for Intelligent Nutrients

Sage 100 to Magento and Salon Interactive Integration for Intelligent Nutrients

Integrating Sage 100 to Multiple Web Stores (Including Magento) Reduces Time Consuming Manual Efforts for Intelligent Nutrients

Intelligent Nutrients’ mission is simple: “Everything we put in and on our bodies must be nutritious and safe.”
The company takes naturals to the next level with proven results. Their products are always safe, chick, & wildly effective. They are plant powered and conscious to not negatively impact the planet. Summed up, Intelligent Nutrients is a unique health and beauty product company utilizing plant-based and organic certified ingredients. If you think of their products, you’ll think sustainable and organic beauty.

Where It All Started

Intelligent Nutrients has been a customer of eBridge Connections since 2012. Back then, a Sage value-added reseller (VAR) was working with their team to set up Sage 100. Intelligent Nutrients knew that manual inputting of orders from their online Magento store was going to be impossible given their forecast on order volumes. They asked for a recommendation for eCommerce to ERP integration. The VAR introduced them to eBridge Connections.
eBridge Connections had been around since 1993. They had been a Sage partner for years, and had experience connecting Magento to Sage 100 specifically.


The process to onboard with eBridge Connections went like this:

  1. Introduction of Intelligent Nutrients’ team from the Sage VAR to eBridge Connections
  2. A product demonstration of the eBridge Integration Platform
  3. A scope call with all parties, to make sure everyone was aligned on the work flows to automate
  4. The contract was signed, and Intelligent Nutrients was given an eBridge Project Team
  5. The workflows were set-up, testing and pushed live when everything looked good
  6. Intelligent Nutrients was given access to login into the eBridge portal to check on any errors in orders
  7. Any errors were handled by eBridge support, and ongoing tweaks to the integration over time were tackled as a team

Intelligent Nutrients Added a New Sales Channel to Their Integration This Year

A brand never stops growing. In 2019, Intelligent Nutrients needed to add an online sales channel as they saw a market for their products beyond just those stopping by their website. eBridge Connections is well-suited. Because of the nature of the eBridge platform (it is conical with a common middle) adding a new sales channel to their existing integration is relatively easy.
Jessica at intelligent Nutrients worked with one of our eBridge project teams to add an additional sales channel to their integration. The sales channel they added was Salon Interactive, a spot for online retail for salons and spas to shop B2B.
For this new store, new orders flow from the web to their Sage 100 2017 ERP. Inventory adjusts based on new orders so Intelligent Nutrients doesn’t sell anything that they don’t have in stock. And, finally Shipment details such as tracking number flow automatically when an order is placed from the ERP back out to the new web store. Why is this important? The end customer knows when their order will arrive.


✓ Inventory
✓ Orders
✓ Shipments


✓ Magento
✓ Salon Interactive


Minneapolis, MN
Drop by Intelligent Nutrients to learn more about their products.


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