eBridge connected Image Supply's Sage BusinessWorks accounting package with their eBay and Shopify stores to save them valuable time and money.

eBridge connected Image Supply's Sage BusinessWorks accounting package with their eBay and Shopify stores to save them valuable time and money.

Image Supply has been selling label maker products and label printer supplies since 1991. Selling on both eBay’s marketplace as well as their own personal Shopify store has helped Image Supply grow and succeed. But, when manually entering orders into their Sage BusinessWorks accounting package became too huge of a task, Image Supply came knocking on eBridge Connections door for an integration solution that would help them save valuable time and money.

Before eBridge Connections? Order entry was taking up way too much time.

Image Supply was finding manual data entry to be consuming vital resources and knew they needed to find a better way of doing business. “We had to manually enter orders into our Sage BusinessWorks accounting package, which is a process that takes valuable time. Not to mention mistakes can easily be made with manual entry,” said Mike Grandstaff, CEO of Image Supply.

In 2012, Mike reached out to eBridge Connections for an integration solution between eBay and BusinessWorks, and couldn’t have been happier with the results. A few years later, in 2016, Image Supply began selling on Shopify as well. Lucky for them, eBridge had a scalable universal integration solution that could easily “plug-in” to Shopify as well so that they could transfer both their eBay and Shopify orders to Sage BusinessWorks without the hassle of manual data entry.


Integration’s not always easy—but it’s certainly worth it

Image Supply understands that integrating a large amount of data can take time, but highly recommends eBridge Connections as their integration solution provider of choice.

“When it came time to implement our Shopify store, I chose eBridge as our integration solution provider because they had already done such a great job with our eBay integration,” said Mike. “Mapping two or more business systems is not a simple task and can take time, but a bit of patience can pay-off huge and result in a much better way of doing business long-term.”

Now Image Supply can sit back and reap the benefits of an integration solution that works.

The benefits of a multi-platform integration solution for Image Supply, speak for themselves. By connecting Sage BusinessWorks with eBay and Shopify, Mike and his team have now:

•           Reduced deployment time by using a prebuilt ‘adaptor’
•           Eliminated manual data entry and avoided costly errors
•           Increased the speed of data exchange, improving customer service efficiency
•           Freed up time and resources to focus on their growing business

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