Shopify - Apprise ERP integration for Ricardo Beverly Hills

Shopify - Apprise ERP integration for Ricardo Beverly Hills
eBridge Connections Client: RICARDO BEVERLY HILLS


Success Story - Shopify to ERP (Apprise) integration


Who is Ricardo Beverly Hills?

A travel lifestyle company on a mission to inspire people to explore the world.

Ricardo Beverly Hills is a world-class leader specializing in the design, innovation, and marketing of luggage and travel accessories. Their products are available online and at select department stores, specialty stores, and more, in the U.S. and internationally.


Ricardo reached out to eBridge Connections for Shopify to ERP (Apprise) integration

Deadlines for this Shopify to Aptean Apprise integration project were tight! The team banded together, flowing as quickly as possible through: kickoff, mapping, delegation and testing. 

Plus, Ricardo has 2 Shopify stores. So, not only was the integration timeline tight, but data needed to be integrated for multiple Shopify stores, which adds times and complexity.

Why did it work? 

Brilliant team work and the eBridge integration platform drove a successful Shopify to Apprise ERP integration project for Ricardo Beverly Hills 

The highlight of this integration project?

Moving fast between Ricardo & eBridge to finish the project on time. Teamwork and efficency saved the day. The customer, eBridge development, eBridge implementation, eBridge quality control and eBridge management communicated to move fast. 

The story ends in a great way. Manual tasks were eliminated. The great people at Ricardo were able to automate 3 workflows.
  1. Data from all new orders (850)
  2. Shipment information to customer (856)
  3. Inventory across both Shopify stores (846)



Aptean Apprise

Shopify (2 stores)

Workflows automated:
  • orders from Shopify into the ERP 
  • shipments from the ERP to Shopify
  • inventory adjustments from the ERP to Shopify (both stores)
Return on investment:
  • bi-directional data sync to save time & money

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Read Ricardo Beverly Hill's full integration story.

Shopify Apprise integration



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