Hawaiian Host Group - Shopify & Microsoft GP Integration Success Story

Hawaiian Host Group - Shopify & Microsoft GP Integration Success Story

A Shopify and Microsoft Dynamics GP Integration Success Story 

We sat down virtually with Leroy Kane, Director of Technology at Hawaiian Host Group. Leroy and the team at Hawaiian Host Group reached out to eBridge to inquire about having their Shopify stores integrated with their Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP. After being pushed live we connected with Leory to learn more about Hawaiian Host Group’s business and how eBridge was able to help them. 

Leroy and his team are responsible for Hawaiian Host’s eCommerce and ERP operations ranging from platform maintenance to security. They even ensure that their office printers are working properly.  

About Hawaiian Host Group  

Hawaiian Host Group is a Hawaiian born and raised business. They have two distinct brands, the first being Hawaiian Hosts which specializes in traditional chocolate covered macadamia nut treats. The other is Mauna Loa which is a roasted macadamia nut snack. Both entities have their own distinct branding and online presence. Hawaiian Hosts are a traditional gift given to visitors to the Hawaiian Islands.  

Hawaiian Host’s eCommerce Structure  

Due to each brand having its own distinct presence online, Hawaiian Host has two independent eCommerce stores powered by Shopify. Their back office is supported by Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains). In their quest to find the right integration solution provider, they found that eBridge is one of a handful of integration service providers that have experience with both systems. After their first call, Leroy had a good understanding that working with eBridge would be a good fit.  

Working With eBridge Connections  

During their initial conversations with eBridge, Hawaiian Host found that eBridge’s team was quite knowledgeable when it came to working with Shopify and Microsoft Dynamics GP. During the project kick-off call and based on the outlined timeline presented by the project manager, Hawaiian Host was confident that their integration would be up and running in a timely manner. Especially with eBridge leveraging their pre-built connectors for Shopify and Microsoft Dynamics GP.  

During the implementation process, Hawaiian Host was impressed with eBridge’s rapid communication whether it was via email or video chat. They were even more impressed due to the time difference between Hawaii and Burlington Ontario Canada where eBridge is headquartered.  

How Integration Will Help Hawaiian Host Group  

Hawaiian Host Group will be able to have bi-directional data flow between their commerce systems without having to alter their business processes or change their systems. They will be able to track all of their sales within their Dynamics GP ERP. In the past, Hawaiian Host had more of a B2B approach with selling their products through retail stores. Integration will allow Hawaiian Host to expand their D2C operations online.  

While they scale their operations, it will be business as usual for their accounting and logistics team. They can leverage a more automated approach to doing things now. They can break free from reliance on Excel spreadsheets. Their team can now focus on more strategizing and executing rather than data management.  

Future Plans for Hawaiian Host Group  

Hawaiian plans on scaling their B2B sales online too. In addition, they want to branch out to a wider audience using eCommerce. Furthermore, they are looking at adding test stores to their already integrated commerce network.  

Check out the video below to get a better understanding of how integration was able to help Hawaiian Hosts Group with their eCommerce operations as well as be set up for success for what will now be an eCommerce first shopping economy. We also discuss how eCommerce is helping Hawaiian businesses grow beyond the islands.  

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