CB Distributors Inc. trusted eBridge Connections with integrating their MS Dynamics GP ERP and their two WooCommerce webstores

CB Distributors Inc. trusted eBridge Connections with integrating their MS Dynamics GP ERP and their two WooCommerce webstores

In order to improve operational efficiency, Terry Miller of CB Distributors, Inc. reached out to eBridge Connections to get help flowing order and shipment data between their Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP, and two of their WooCommerce stores.

High order volumes on two of CB Distributors, Inc. sales channels (Vapin Plus and 21st Century Smoke) meant that manual data entry across disparate business systems was becoming too time consuming and costly for Terry and his team. He decided to entrust eBridge Connections’ universal integration platform to automate their processes and smooth out their operational efficiencies.

The Situation: Two WooCommerce webstores with separate orders needed to be integrated with CB Distributors, Inc. back-office Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP.

Microsoft Dynamics GP and WooCommerce are great platforms by design, however, both are created in their own silos and neither will communicate with the other effectively without an integration solution in place.
This type of solution is exactly what the folks at CB Distributors Inc. were in need of. It was imperative to their business process that they find a way to automate the flow of data from each of their WooCommerce stores to their back-office Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP application.

The Solution: Order and Shipment data automation using eBridge Connections’ universal integration platform

There were two key data fields that needed to be automated in order to help Terry and his team improve their workflow processes: Orders and shipments.

Orders needed to flow from each WooCommerce store, into Microsoft Dynamics GP, and in return, a shipment update needed to flow from Microsoft Dynamics GP, back into the WooCommerce stores in order to update customers with their shipping/tracking information.

eBridge Connections’ group of implementation consultants were able to configure this integration to work exactly how Terry and his team needed.


What made eBridge Connections the best fit?

eBridge Connections’ integration platform is universal, with connectors that can be added or removed with ease. This was great news for CB Distributors, Inc. who knew that with eBridge, their integration solution would continue to work for years to come, even if changes or upgrades were made to their back-office ERP or the online stores they needed to automate data with.

What makes CB Distributors, Inc. so unique?

CB Distributors, Inc. has supplied convenience stores and distributors with a wide variety of products for over 20 years. Vapin Plus and 21st Century Smoke are two of many of their most popular brands.

In addition to offering products that feature the latest technology, highest quality, and competitive pricing, customer satisfaction remains a top priority for CB Distributors, Inc.

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